Our values

"Land, people, life," says Triskalia's signature. A few words that sum up the Cooperative's values.




Born of the merger between three agricultural cooperatives (Cam 56, Coopagri Bretagne and Eolys), Triskalia is a key player in the agricultural and food processing sectors in Brittany.
With its dense network of over 200 local sales outlets (the chains Point Vert, Magasin Vert, Triskalia, etc.) and its many processing plants (animal feed and food processing), Triskalia helps maintain a vibrant economy and rural areas across all of Brittany.
Triskalia is owned by its farmers, called member farmers. This anchors the company to the region, and naturally, all of its decision-making centres are in Brittany.
The company’s ties to the region give it economic, social, and environmental responsibilities which are reflected through its Planète Positive sustainable development approach.





As a cooperative, Triskalia is deeply committed to the values of solidarity and fairness. As such, all member farmers benefit from the same decision-making power, regardless of the size of their farms, on the basis of “one member = one vote”. The Board of Directors is made up of farmers, which means strategic decisions are made in the interest of other farmers.
The decentralised organisation, divided according to geographic area or area of activity, means farmers, customers and staff all benefit from closer relations and greater responsiveness. Convinced that economic and social performance are closely linked, Triskalia focuses on internal promotions, staff training, and strong labour relations.




Triskalia offers closer locations and closer relations which mean it is on-hand to offer farmers support with the technical, economic and environmental aspects of their farms, whether they are livestock farmers (dairy, cattle, pork, poultry, eggs) or crop growers (cereals and vegetables). These farmers work together to feed people, the earth, plants, and animals.

By its very nature, agriculture works in a constantly changing environment. It is very much subject to weather conditions, but also to the fluctuations of increasingly globalised, volatile markets.
In this kind of context, Triskalia’s role is to sustainably promote the agricultural produce of its members by providing healthy, wholesome, affordable products for as many people as possible. Triskalia thus supports the development of high-performance agriculture in Brittany, with a concern for environmental protection, animals’ well-being, and product quality. These are natural concerns when it comes to feeding men, women and children because food is life!


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