Our strategy

The strategic project for Triskalia, called “2020 together” (2020 ensemble), revolves around three themes: Vocation, Values, and Vision. This roadmap reflects the founding principles of Triskalia and defines its strategic approaches for 2020.


  • Creating value in our 3 main business areas (agricultural production, food processing, distribution) to contribute to the income of the cooperative’s member farmers
  • Supporting members as their profession evolves by integrating the environment and the company’s expectations.




  • A region
    Major economic player strongly rooted in its region
    Responsible player (Planète Positive approach)
  • Its people
    Its women and men, one cooperative
    Democratic governance: “one person, one vote”
    Fairness and solidarity
  • Its life
    Feeding the people, the earth, the plants, and the animals




“As a major player in the Breton agriculture and food processing sectors, Triskalia aims to contribute to the future of regional agriculture through innovation, alliances, and internationalisation.”


3 strategic focuses:

Developing our business activities regionally

  •  Providing our members with innovative solutions which reconcile economic and environmental concerns
  •  Helping with the set-up of young farmers
  • Developing our activities for members and the general public using different networks (stores, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Forging strengthening alliances

Conquering food processing markets that generate value

  • Capitalising on our brands (Paysan Breton, Ronsard, Planète Positive, etc.)
  • Investing in innovation and industrial tools
  • Developing our export activities, alone or with partners
  • Developing customer relations


Mobilising all talent

  • Relying on a dynamic governance model
  • Developing skills through training, learning opportunities, and internal mobility
  • Attracting the most talented individuals
  • Stimulating innovation and encouraging creativity


Planète Positive

Planète Positive, Triskalia’s approach toward progress, regroups all initiatives fostering agroecology and sustainable development, and is at the heart of the “2020 together” strategic project.