More than 100 years of history

Triskalia’s roots go back 100 years in history. Find out about the important steps in the development of this cooperative created by and for farmers at the dawn of the 20th century.


The emergence of the cooperative movements

1911: Creation of the Office Central des Oeuvres Mutuelles Agricoles du Finistère, a farm purchasing cooperative whose activity rapidly spread to include mutual insurance (later becoming Groupama d’Armor) and banking with the Caisses de Crédit Rural (later Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne) as well as the defence of agricultural interests.

1919: First local depots are founded.

1920: Start of cereal collection activities, followed by vegetables and potatoes.

1926: The Office Central expands into the Côtes du Nord region.

1933: The Syndicat des Agriculteurs du Morbihan (SAM farmers’ union) is created.

1936: The Loudéac cooperative is created, becoming the CACB in 1970, and later joining forces with COPALL (created in 1963) to form Dynal in 1988.

1938: Several unions group together to form the Morbihan farmers’ union cooperative.

1945: Douphine (whose headquarters are in Brasparts) is founded.

1950: The Le Trieux cooperative (whose headquarters are in Guingamp) is founded.

1950–1960: Set-up and development of dairy and livestock (pigs, cattle, chickens) cooperatives within the Office Central.


A major step forward

1964: The Syndicat des Agriculteurs du Morbihan (SAM farmers’ union) is created.

1968: The SAM becomes the Morbihan farmers’ cooperative (CAM). It supplies farms, sells their produce (potatoes, vegetables and apples) and produces feed for cattle.


Introduction of the supply chains

1966–1990: Development of various forms of production within the cooperatives and introduction of the food processing supply chains. Practices are modernised (production, collection and processing) and the distribution activity is developed from 1971 onwards.

1971: First “Libre-Choix” store in Guingamp

1972: The Brittany farmers’ cooperative becomes “Coopagri Bretagne” and adopts the three Bretons logo.

1973: Opening of the first “Magasin Vert” store in Châteaulin (Finistère).

1970–1990: Development of the retail network (self-service agricultural product centres, garden centres, etc.)


A time for alliances

1990–2009: Coopagri Bretagne’s policy of alliances and partnerships leads to the development of supply chains which are leaders in their markets (dairy, beef, pork and poultry, fresh vegetables and vegetables for industry).

2002: The Douphine (Brasparts, Finistère), Dynal (Loudéac, Côtes-d’Armor) and Le Trieux (Guingamp, Côtes-d’Armor) cooperatives form the EOLYS Union, pooling all their resources.

2005: Transfer of CAM 56 poultry industrial facilities to L.D.C.

Triskalia is founded

October 2010: merger of Cam 56, Coopagri Bretagne and Eolys to create Triskalia, the leading agricultural cooperative in Brittany.