Laïta: excellence in dairy products

Laïta is a dairy company in the west of France founded on the value of cooperation. It is strongly rooted in its region and has an international presence. Its milk and dairy products reflect its operational excellence and innovative spirit.

Arrival of a milk tanker at the Laïta factory in Landerneau (Finistère).

Arrival of a milk tanker at the Laïta factory in Landerneau (Finistère).


Laïta, a dairy company covering the west of France, was created in 2009 through the grouping of dairy activities for agricultural cooperatives Triskalia, Even, and Terrena. It focuses on the sustainable promotion of milk from its founding cooperatives’ members, on the French and international markets, thanks to its significant investment and innovation capacity.

It collects milk, processes it, and sells the processed products. Laïta has seven industrial sites (six in Brittany and one in the Pays de la Loire region) and one partner site (in Brittany). The company also has several sites throughout Europe, which reflect its international presence.

As a dairy multi-specialist, Laïta offers a wide range of dairy products, including butter, cheese, cultured dairy products, dry ingredients, health nutrition, and feed for young mammals. It develops product ranges designed to meet customers’ demands and food safety requirements. These products offer the guarantees of major brand names: Paysan Breton, Mamie Nova, Régilait, and more. This quest for excellence is reflected on a daily basis through a global quality assurance approach with constantly renewed objectives.


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  • 3,420 dairy farms collected
  • 1.5 billion litres of milk collected per year
  • 2,670 employees