Our business lines


Triskalia provides farmers with support in technical, economic and environmental matters, for all their farm produce (dairy, pork, poultry, cattle, eggs, vegetables, cereals).
With its decentralised organisation, its dense network of sales outlets and its efficient staff in the field, Triskalia can offer all its members a rapid, local response. Through its Planète Positive approach, its ambition is to promote modern agriculture, reconciling productivity and environmental protection.

Animal productions

Plant production

Food processing

The Cooperative’s vocation is to ensure sustainable outlets for its members’ farm produce and offer healthy, flavourful, affordable products for as many consumers as possible.

Alongside its partnerships with a number of industrial clients, Triskalia has developed its own facilities, bringing products from the fields to the table, through its subsidiaries, Gelagri, Laïta, and Ronsard.


Thanks to the professionalism of its teams and to the quality of its products, the Magasin Vert – Point Vert chain is a leader in Brittany’s gardening sector. Triskalia has also created other chains to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses.