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The leading agricultural
cooperative in Brittany

Born of the merger between three agricultural cooperatives, Triskalia is a key player in the agricultural and food processing sectors in Brittany.

History of Triskalia

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challenges together

With the Planète Positive approach, farmers and employees of the cooperative and its subsidiaries are committed to agroecology and sustainable development in concrete ways. This approach has the following 4 goals: to feed, promote, preserve, and sustain.


François Fournier

Livestock farmer

Saint-Aaron (Côtes-d’Armor)

‘‘ My associate and I raise pigs according to Label Rouge Opale certification standards, in energy-efficient buildings. We also have a methanation project. ’’


Benjamin Boussion

Energy management director

Ronsard à Bignan (Morbihan)

‘‘ Thanks to our investments, we saved 22% on gas consumption. Our factory is ISO 50 001 certified. ’’

magasin vert écology

Claire Berthaud

Flower market manager

Magasin Vert store in Plérin (22)

‘‘ We recover our waste (cardboard, plastic, wood, etc.) and compost plants and biodegradable materials.’’

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Planète Positive

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Find out about the main brands under which our products are sold. Also visit our chain stores everywhere in Brittany.

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